Registration for BodyMind Easing for Tourette Syndrome

A Five-Week Online Course: October 18 – November 15, 2022
Tuesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm Eastern Time

Course Agreement

Before registering for the course please read and agree to the following course agreement:

1. Who is this course for?

This course is for adults 18 years and older who have Tourette Syndrome and are looking to learn new tools to ease some of their life struggles and struggles with their tics, and to learn more possibilities and inspiration for wellbeing and self care. The course purpose is for for personal growth, self-help, and self-development. 

3. What the course is not:

  • This course is not in any way offered for medical advice or therapeutic purposes.
  • This course is not offered with an intention to to heal or cure symptoms of Tourette Syndrome or Chronic Tic Disorder, or any comorbidity or other medical conditions you may have.

2. Attending the course could make symptoms worse

It’s possible that by attending this course you may experiencing a worsening of your tics and other symptoms. This can happen due a range of causes such as being around other people with tics, being more relaxed, feeling less suppressed, and others. While clearly the intentions and goals of the course are to be of benefit and help you find more ease and inspiration, still it’s possible that it could make symptoms worse.

4. If you have any doubts please consult a medical professional for guidance if this course may be appropriate for you.

5. Course Disclaimer

Nothing said by Craig Mollins or anyone else in attendance at the course, during or after the course sessions, should be taken as medical or therapeutic advice. Furthermore any actions or decisions you make during or after any or all of the course sessions are your own decision and choice, and in no way is Craig Mollins or anyone else in attendance at the course responsible for your decisions and/or actions. Furthermore any results you experience during or after attending any or all of the course session, are results due to your own choices in participating in the course, and the results are your own responsibility. In no way is Craig Mollins or anyone in attendance at any or all of the course sessions responsible for results you may or may not experience during or after attending the course sessions. Furthermore, by clicking and agreeing to this agreement you are acknowledging that it’s possible your symptoms may get worse during and/or after attendance in the course and that if they do it’s your own choice to attend nevertheless, and you take full responsibility for these and any other results you may experience directly or indirectly as a result of attending this course.

Agree and Register

By clicking the checkbox below and then clicking “Register for the Course”, you acknowledge that you have read and understand and agree to everything in this Course Agreement.