Client Testimonials

Craig’s coaching brought me just what I needed: a strong ally who believes in my ability to succeed, and the resources to help me make it happen. His empathy, brightness and knowledge of the process make each session meaningful, productive, and joyful. Craig is a gifted coach.
-Bill Sutton, Entrepreneur and Creator at Living Magic

Craig is a natural. His coaching encouraged my process in such a way that some of my biggest fears went from unconquerable, to non-existent.
–Analuz Sanchez, New York City

I had the good opportunity of doing several coaching sessions with Craig. I came in with implicit expectations about what such sessions would look like–e.g., a focus on effectiveness, practical organizational tips, etc. It was nothing of the sort. In fact, it was much better. Craig has a very spacious, supportive, and gentle touch which allowed me to reconnect with a sense of clarity and relaxation amidst stressful times at work. He also opened up a space for me to contemplate bigger questions underlying the smaller obstacles I was facing in my day-to-day work. I’m very happy I got the opportunity to work with Craig and I would recommend working with him to anyone who yearns to reconnect with a sense of bigger, more spacious, mind.

–Philippe Jacquart, Professor and Researcher at Emlyon Business School, Lyon, France

Craig helped me move beyond some very old patterns of negative thinking, and to have a more uplifted and forward looking perspective. Our sessions helped me regain hope. Thank you Craig, I feel much gratitude for your support.

-Kristin, Toronto, Canada

Working with Craig helped me to stay oriented to what I want from my life and work in this very disorienting time. He is unafraid to listen to and reflect the full complexity of life and to offer support to find the best way forward, step by step. Each meeting helped me rediscover my basic confidence. Craig encouraged me to trust my own instincts, and was consistently kind and gentle, as well as giving some very practical advice about health and wellbeing.

–Joy Francis. Vienna, Austria

I really appreciated working with Craig as a coach. His presence and gentleness helped me connect more deeply with my own self…it helped me get more deeply in touch with what I was feeling and what my needs were. Once we got grounded then Craig was able to seamlessly move me towards exploring goals and inspiring practical action to move towards those goals. In just a few sessions we uncovered things of which I was completely unaware. This has opened me up to new ways of thinking about my career and some spontaneous opportunities have started showing up in my life. Working with Craig has brought new directions along with more coherence and peacefulness.

–Dr. Derek Cain, Chiropractor. Toronto, Canada.

I am grateful for Craig’s genuine and caring coaching sessions. His calming presence and the space he held helped me pause amidst this fast moving world. I gained insights into how to deal with my challenges and struggles.
–Tara Tiedemann, Owner of Viva Adventures Travel. Costa Rica

In my 20 years as a professional coach, I’ve rarely met a coach with the level of empathy and strength of coaching presence as Craig. His sessions helped me a great deal.
–Maite Amuchastegui, Meta Coach. Mexico City

Hi Craig, What a wonderful session today!! Your presence, recognition and acknowledgment was deeply meaningful. I had wondered why do it if I’ve barely moved forward by myself. Today showed me that having a companion at critical moments, and choice points, on the journey is clarifying, gratifying, affirming, and joyous.

Joan Campbell Whitacre, M.A., R.S.M.T. Founder and Director, Embody the Journey, and Whole Women Healing

It’s been amazing how much clarity I have gained during my coaching process with Craig. He acts as a clear and unbiased mirror, allowing me to contact my own wisdom. The sessions have helped me find structure and clarity in my path forward. Craig is a great professional and a bright and compassionate person. I’m truly grateful for the support of his coaching.
–Veronica Mafud, Psychologist and Mindfulness Educator. Mexico City

Time and time again, Craig has helped me gain critically important insights. I’ve had fourteen coaching sessions with him to date, and in every single one experienced a major breakthrough in my understanding.

–Daniel Eckler, Co-Founder of Space Cadets Venture Capital. New York City

Coaching sessions with Craig helped me be more genuine with myself.
–Donald Eckler, Mindfulness Educator and Retired School Teacher. Toronto

I came to Craig with a challenging coaching request that was more spiritually oriented than he may normally see with most clients. I found Craig to have a depth of understanding and subtly that was very skillful in drawing out my own wisdom and passion, so I could proceed in a balanced way in deepening my path of meditation.
–Don Beamish, CEO Larch Wood Enterprises. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Craig is a compassionate and bright life coach who isn’t afraid to meet challenges head on. Our sessions lead to many ah-ha moments where I discovered what was holding me back from living my best life.
–Katherine Munro, Graphic Artist. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Craig’s coaching encouraged me to tap into, and to trust, my own inner wisdom. I felt like the answers were coming from inside myself, but the guidance he provided to find those answers and practice them in my life was invaluable.
–Alex Falconer, Software Engineer. Toronto